Heat Treatment Specialist Offers:Liquid Nitriding, Gas Nitriding, Case Hardening, Direct Hardening, Stress Relieving and Blackening Services

Welcome To GHTC: A One Stop Solution For Heat Treatment

GHTC is made by people and for the people (clients) with vision and philosphy to serve the industry means of enthical business practise and professionalism. The technical soundness and attitude to deliver the best with consistancy separate us from others.

Heat Treatment Processes are complicated in nature and we have expertise over it by using process control technology with in deepth knowledge of the Heat Treatment Process and Metallurgy involved in it. With due honesty we stick with the proper heat treatment cycles and parameters, With GHTC, you finally have a partner who can help with your entire heat-treatment requirement.

GHTC have tight Quality & Process Control, Large Capacity, Scheduled Delivery, Caliberated Testing Machines, Test Reports and Efficient Management. We understand the principles of chemistry, heat transfer, metallurgy and the interactions between heat extraction rate and microstructure.

We know that the key to successful heat treatment is the right combination of equipment, process parameters, and quenchants. So that’s exactly what we deliver the most complete heat treatment support package. GHTC is technology oriented company, focused to always use latest international standards and technolgy for its services and products. The GHTC powered with highly skilled & experience team having more than 35 years of experience in Heat Treatment industry.

Reasons To Associate With GHTC ?

  • Over 35 Years of Practical, Industrial Experience in Heat Treatment
  • First of all cost does matter, we can assure about the cost vs the quality delivered
  • Internal Heat Treatment Audits performed time to time.
  • Every Heat Treatment Cycles are performed in strict supervision with controlled parameters according to control plan.
  • Professional Test Reports tailored to suit all requirements
  • Service, we have this in our organization culture and committed to it.
  • High Tech testing equipments like Micro Hardness Tester, Metallurgical Microscope.
  • Experienced and Technically sound work force.
  • Efficiently Managed Organization.
  • Ethical Bussiness Practice: Integrity and Honesty


We have 5 Electric Furnaces with different capacity and volume, each have Temperature Controllers which includes

  • 4 Gas Carburising Furnace
  • One Tempering Furnaces
  • One Gas Nitriding Furnace

Technical Alliance

We have technical support from international Research Schoolars & Professional Consultants to bring latest technology of heat treatment in India. The advantage is lowering the cost of services and leveraging the process quality. It is our due concern to comply with international standards.