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Gas Nitriding or Hard Nitriding or Classical Nitriding

Gas Nitriding is a process of case hardening in which steel is being heated in an atmosphere of ammonia gas at a temperature of 490 degree celsius to 550 degree celsius generally (500-520) for a prolonged period, at this temperature ammonia gas dissociates to produce atomic nitrogen. The atomic nitrogen diffuses into the steel forming nitrides, produce a hard wear resistant surace free from scale containing the minimum distortion. Karbotherm is the first company in Ghaziabad offers Gas Nitriding Services, this process in nature is very lengthy compared to other process and hence costly.

Benefits that can be realized through Gas Nitriding Treatments:-

  1. High Surface Hardness up to 68 HRC can be achieved.
  2. Favoured for components that are subjected to heavy loading.
  3. Liquid Nitriding imparts a high surface hardness which promotes high resistance to wear, scuffing, galling and seizure.
  4. Fatigue strength is increased mainly by the development of surface compressive stresses.
  5. Hot hardness and resistance to heat.
  6. Adhesive Resistance for extrusion dies, moulding dies and hot work steels.
  7. Improved Superior wear resistance, excellent friction properties and excellent corrosion protection and Good surface fatigue resistance.
  8. Very Low or none distortion.

Industrial Applications

  1. Automotive components, including suspension struts, stickshift levers, and window winding mechanisms
  2. Ductile iron pump housings
  3. Gas spring pistons
  4. Door lock mechanisms
  5. Ductile iron pump housings
  6. Cylinder liners
  7. Exhaust valves
  8. Shot sleeves
  9. Barrels
  10. Gears and pinion shafts
  11. Plastic injection molding screws and barrels
  12. Piston rings
  13. Aluminum extrusion dies
  14. Forging and forming dies
  15. Spindles for grinding machines
  16. Gun barrels
  17. Crankshafts and camshafts
  18. Springs
  19. Other wear components

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Furnace Specification: We have pit type electric fired furnace for Gas Nitriding
Name Gas Nitriding Furnace (GNF1) QTY: 1 Nos. Workable Dimension Diameter: 500 mm Length: 760 mm

Power & Type 24 KW, Electric Fired Two Zone Automatic
Temperature Controlling
Temperature Up to 650 degree Celsius

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