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Gas Nitrocarburizing or Soft Nitriding

Karbotherm is the first company in Ghaziabad offers Gas Nitrocarburizing Services of international standard, which is also known as soft Nitriding is a Nitro-Carburising process for producing a thin, high-hardness case depth that is wear and corrosion resistant, with little or no distortion of the part during processing.

Gas Nitrocarburizing is a case hardening process variation of the nitriding process. It is a thermochemical diffusion process where nitrogen, carbon, and to a very small degree, oxygen atoms diffuse into the surface of the steel part, forming a compound layer at the surface, and a diffusion layer.

  1. Gas Nitrocarburizing process is more cost effective then traditional Gas Nitriding with approx. similar or superior results
  2. Gas Nitrocarburizing have precise controlled and high repeatibility with consistancy in comparision to other process

Nitrocarburizing is a shallow case variation of the nitriding process. Advantages of the process include the ability to harden materials which are not prehardened, the relatively low temperature of the process which minimizes distortion,

An additional advantage is that nitrocarburizing can be applied to the same materials as is nitriding, as well as unalloyed materials, where good wear resistance and some improved fatigue resistance. It is widely used for stampings, as an alternative to hard plating or even carbonitriding.

lt is a well established fact that components nitrocarburised in these atmospheres have at least the same qualities or are superior to components nitrided or nitrocarburised in salt baths. This is due to the absence of a porous zone in the outer portion of the compound layer that is usually observed after salt bath nitriding, but does not form in gaseous nitrocarburising. When measuring hardness of salt bath nitrided parts, in many cases, the surface hardness appears lower than that of nitrocarburised samples processed in ammonia plus endogas mixtures for the same length of time. This is due to the porosity of the outer portion of the layer, and these reduced hardness readings do not reflect the true hardness of the Enitrides. ln addition, it has been observed that the porous layer tends to shave or spalf off in service occasionally causing more damage than it is supposed to prevent.

Applications for the ferritic nitrocarburizing process are widely varied. The typical type of steel used for the process is a low-carbon, low-alloy steel. However, the process can also be applied to medium- and high-carbon steels with various metallurgical results

Benefits that can be realized through Gas Nitrocarburizing Treatments:-
  1. High Surface Hardness up to 68 HRC can be achieved.
  2. Favoured for components that are subjected to heavy loading.
  3. Liquid Nitriding imparts a high surface hardness which promotes high resistance to wear, scuffing, galling and seizure.
  4. Fatigue strength is increased mainly by the development of surface compressive stresses.
  5. Hot hardness and resistance to heat.
  6. Adhesive Resistance for extrusion dies, moulding dies and hot work steels.
  7. Improved Superior wear resistance, excellent friction properties and excellent corrosion protection and Good surface fatigue resistance.
  8. Very Low or none distortion.

Industrial Applications

  1. Automotive components, including suspension struts, stickshift levers, and window winding mechanisms
  2. Ductile iron pump housings
  3. Gas spring pistons
  4. Door lock mechanisms
  5. Ductile iron pump housings
  6. Cylinder liners
  7. Exhaust valves
  8. Shot sleeves
  9. Barrels
  10. Gears and pinion shafts
  11. Plastic injection molding screws and barrels
  12. Piston rings
  13. Aluminum extrusion dies
  14. Forging and forming dies
  15. Spindles for grinding machines
  16. Gun barrels
  17. Crankshafts and camshafts
  18. Springs
  19. Other wear components

Consultation: Please Feel Free to contact us for any query about Gas Nitrocarburizing related material and process.

Please contact us for more information on this process. Tentative delivery time is 3 to 4 days, depend upon lot size and hardness requirement thus vary.

Furnace Specification: We have pit type electric fired furnace for Gas Nitrocarburizing
Name Gas Nitrocarburizing Furnace (GNF1) QTY: 1 Nos. Workable Dimension Diameter: 500 mm Length: 760 mm

Power & Type 24 KW, Electric Fired Two Zone Automatic
Temperature Controlling
Temperature Up to 650 degree Celsius

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