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Case Carburizing Hardening

Case Carburizing is a heat treatment process for surface hardening of low carbon steels. It is carried out on low carbon steels which contains 0.10 % to 0.25 % carbon whera as low carbon low alloyed steel also get processed and are known as carburizing steels.
Generally, carburizing carried out in the temperature range 900-950 degree Celsius, and surface layer enriched with with carbon. In this process, Carbon is diffused into steel by heating above the transformation temperature and holding the steel in contact with a carbonaceous material which may be a solid , liquid or a gas medium.

Gas Carburizing Hardening

Furnace Specification: We have Pit Type Gas Carburizing Furnace (GCF) which is electric fired. The carburizing case of up to 2.0 mm can be achieved.
Name Gas Carburizing Furnace (GCF1) QTY: 1 Nos. Workable Dimension Diameter: 680 mm Length: 1500 mm
Power & Type 80 KW, Electric Fired
Three Zone Automatic Temperature Controlling
Temperature Up to 950 degree Celsius
Note: Our general cycle for case carburizing hardening haing case depth of 1 mm to 1.5 mm, for greater case depth please contact us. Tentative delivery time is 3 to 4 days, depend upon lot size and hardness requirement thus vary.
General Case Hardening Materials EN-353, 8620

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